Reign of the Fallen

The Battle for Winterhaven

the story so far…

After defeating the threat (or rather the annoyance) of the kobolds of kobold hall, our heroes; Boris Stonesheild, Hyboro Dagon and Dayreth, were recruited by Lord Warden Faren Markelhay of Fallcrest to look into something.

They’d been having similar trouble in the neighbouring township of Winterhaven. With the promise of wealth and adventure they set out, and whilst crossing paths with the travellers; Carric and Dwarvo Thunduh, were waylaid by, the kobold brigands, who’d been harrassing the townfolk of Winterhaven.

Defeating the Outlaws with ease, the five adventurers interrogated their captive (and the only one of their attackers left living). Learning of the raiders camp, they wiped out the sub-human menace in their own lair, seemingly erradicating Winterhaven’s troubles before even reaching the town.

In the raiders’ lair they found some of the townsfolk that had been taken prisoner. Valthrun the Prescient, Salvana Wrafton and Tobias Drakenguard were thankful of their rescue. But troubling to the Adventurers was something else they had found. Amongst the Kobold and Goblin bandits of the camp was a human warrior with a purple ram skull tattooed on his face.

The Goblin leader, whom our “heroes” kept alive for questioning, informed them that the human was part of an organization that funded his crew, in return for the live captives they took from their raids. He knew very little about the organization, except that their base of operations was somewhere to the northwest, as thats where the prisoners were taken.

Valthrun implored the adventurers to mount a rescue for the captured townsfolk, assuring them that Lord Padraig of Winterhaven would most certainly reward them handsomely. He also informed them that the purple tattoo was that of Orcus, Demonlord of Undeath and that the organization was most likely a Cult of his followers, and that their base was most likely the ruins of a keep to the northwest, as that is the only real landmark in that direction.

Battling their way through the bowels of the keep, the party located and rescued several captives, including; Dara, the elven ranger and, somewhat confusingly, Tobias Drakenguard… again.

Assuring the party that he was the true Tobias Drakenguard, and that the other man they rescued must be an imposter, he beseeched them to return with him to Winterhaven and expose this fiend. But across the events of their adventure, the party had learned of a dark ritual nearing it’s completion in the depths beneath the keep. A ritual which, once completed, will open the gateway to a land of undead horrors that will pour into our (their) reality and cover the world in darkness.

Being informed of this, Tobias entrusts the party, including their new pal Dara, to journey to the darkest depths of the keep, whilst he returns to Winterhaven to deal with his Doppelganger.

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